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The Vibe Within

Sep 14, 2019

Music In this minisode

Smashing Pumpkins "Mayonaise"

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Topics in this Episode :

  • Shifting out of Overwhelm
  • Solar plexus awakening
  • How our solar plexus is the core of our manifesting energetic space
  • Moving + Breathing
  • Simple steps to getting out of stress
  • Movement = Manifesting Meditation
  • Unlocking stuckness in the body
  • New levels of awareness
  • Listening to Spirit 
  • Opening ourselves up to full potential of success and creativity 
  • Creative flow and releasing thoughts
  • Emptying out our minds through writing
  • Healing our energy through deep breathing 

FREE MEDITATION AT THE END!! STICK AROUND. Have a Happy Full MOON in pisces !! <3

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